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Breaking Down Barriers to Health Coverage for Diverse Populations

Breaking Down Barriers to Health Coverage for Diverse Populations
Breaking Down Barriers to Health Coverage for Diverse Populations

The journey towards universal health coverage is marked by numerous challenges, especially for diverse populations. The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) 2023 Employer Health Benefits Survey highlights the disparities in health insurance coverage, with significant gaps existing among racial, ethnic, and income groups. Fundamental Care®'s Limited Day Health Plan Options are strategically designed to break down these barriers, offering equitable and accessible healthcare solutions.

The Reality of Health Insurance Disparities

According to the KFF findings, racial and ethnic minorities, along with low-income families, are disproportionately represented among the uninsured. These disparities reflect broader systemic issues that extend beyond just access to healthcare. It is not just a matter of health equity but of social justice.

The Fundamental Care® Approach to Inclusivity

Fundamental Care® addresses these disparities head-on. The health plans are tailored to offer near comprehensive coverage that is accessible and affordable for all, irrespective of their background or income level. Specifically, part-time and hourly populations.

  • No Health Questions: Our enrollment process is designed to be inclusive, ensuring that past health issues do not become a barrier to obtaining coverage.

  • Preventative Services at No Extra Cost: We cover 100% of preventative services, recognizing the importance of early detection and regular health check-ups in reducing long-term health disparities.

  • Unlimited Virtual Direct Primary Care: This feature is particularly beneficial for those who may face geographical or transportation barriers in accessing traditional healthcare services.

Addressing the Needs of Diverse Workforces

Diverse workforces require health plans that are flexible and accommodating of various needs. Fundamental Care®’s plans are designed to be adaptable, ensuring that employers can provide health benefits that resonate with their diverse employee base.

  • Customizable Plans for Employers: Our plans can be tailored to meet the unique needs of different groups within a workforce, ensuring that everyone has access to the healthcare they need.

  • Partnering with Brokers for Tailored Solutions: We work closely with insurance brokers and general agents to ensure that our plans meet the specific needs of diverse populations, offering guidance and expertise in navigating these complex requirements.

Conclusion Health Coverage for Diverse Populations

Overcoming the obstacles to accessing health plans for diverse communities is more than just a matter of policy; it's a crucial societal challenge. Fundamental Care® is dedicated to being at the forefront of this important work. By offering inclusive and affordable medical plans, our goal is to help forge a more equitable healthcare environment, ensuring that all individuals can obtain the care they require, irrespective of their background or economic status. In collaboration with employers and employee benefits brokers, we are striving for a healthier, more inclusive tomorrow.

About Fundamental Care®

Fundamental Care® offers Affordability-Based Medical Plans designed to meet the unique needs of various niche markets, including small businesses and their employees, part-time and hourly workers at enterprise-level companies, independent contractors, gig-economy workers, and association members. Our mission is to provide access to unique and affordable health insurance benefits on a guaranteed issue basis. Learn more about Fundamental Care® and how we can help your clients navigate the challenging healthcare landscape.

About Coterie Advisory Group, Inc.

Fundamental Care® is managed by Coterie Advisory Group, Inc., an insurance program manager and national marketing agency. Our founders are a team of insurance and benefits professionals with extensive experience in the benefits marketplace. They have held leadership and executive roles at multiple insurance carriers, agencies, and platform administrators. Our drive has helped thousands of service-industry employers and millions of individuals obtain quality, affordable care. Coterie focuses on Affordability-Based Medical Plans and holds life and health insurance licenses in all 50 states.


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