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Value Plan for Employers & Employees

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A voluntary medical plan strategy to help employees that are essential to their workforce.

Job interview


  • NO health questions

  • NO percentage participation – 25 enrolled minimum

  • Competitive recruiting and retention tools

  • Plan designs are easy to use and understand

  • No employer contribution required

Office Worker


  • Low co-pays

  • Includes hospital indemnity benefits

  • Doctor office visits are covered at 100%

  • National PPO Network

Why Self-Funding?

  • Transparency. Self-Funded Plans provide quarterly claims reports, and year end statements.

  • Financial participation. Fully insured plans leave claims excesses with the carrier as extra underwriting profit. Self-Funded plans return 100% of excess claims dollars to the employer. The included Stop Loss coverage limits the employer's exposure.

  • Administrative Cost savings compared to Limited Med / MEC plans. Self-funded plans combine MEC (preventative) and medical benefits into one master plan, saving the administrative costs due to duplication. This also provides a stop loss umbrella for the preventative benefits, which some plan employers don’t currently have.

"¹Large claim risk managed by stop-loss insurance with run-out coverage, subject to policy exclusions, solvency of insurance carrier, policy effective dates, mid-year Plan termination, and other policy terms and conditions."

"²Refund subject to claims experience, run-out claims, mid-year Plan termination, and the terms and conditions of the administrative agreement."



  • Millions of employees aren't offered a medical plan.

  • Millions of employees can’t afford the employee contribution on their employer-sponsored medical plan. 

  • Many employees who can, realize that they could never come up with the $2,000 to $6,000 necessary to meet their deductible.


Our employer-sponsored, self-funded plans make it easier for employees to budget for their healthcare expenses since they pay a copay for covered services. Our plans take care of the rest. For employers, the plans’ built-in level-funding also means predictable costs. 


  • Preventative Services 100%

  • Expense-incurred Outpatient

  • Per Diem Facilities Benefit

  • Prescription Drug Benefit 

  • Unlimited Virtual Care


Level Funded with 100% excess claims fund reimbursement to the employer!

Work Colleagues

Hourly populations continue to be an essential part of many company's workforce. However, the medical plans offered, or lack thereof, are not always the best fit for their specific needs.

  • Tight margins make it challenging for employers to contribute to this population.

  • Employee profiles within each company vary and specific needs for employees require more affordable options 

  • Most commonly occurring medical expenses are what hourly populations are seeking coverage for

Who is a good fit for the Value Plan?
  • Common industry list 

    • Home Healthcare

    • Restaurants

    • Retail

    • Manufacturing

    • Logistics

    • Franchises

    • Janitorial

    • Landscaping

    • Assisted Living

    • Any organization with hourly wage earners

  • Size

    • Employers with 100+ Part-Time and Hourly Employees - Minimum 25 enrolled

  • Employer Contribution

    • No employer contribution is required.

  • Employers looking to recruit and retain hourly employees

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