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Fundamental Care 

Affordable and unique health insurance options for employers.


Fundamental Care Limited Day Health Plan Logo

Level-funded, Limited Day Health Plan for small employers and carve-out classes of large employers.

Fundamental Care Group Limited Indemnity Logo

Limited-Benefit Indemnity Plans for large employers with

part-time, hourly, and seasonal workers.

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Limited-Benefit Indemnity Plans designed to meet the unique needs of the staffing industry for mid to large size employers.

Health Insurance

The Fundamental Problem with Traditional Health Insurance -

The "Affordability Void"

Health insurance is expensive.

High-deductibles create a huge personal financial burden and make the plans unusable.

  • Since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, the average monthly premium for an individual has risen to $440 per month with an average deductible of $4,533. 

  • When surveyed, many Americans indicate that $200 per month (or less) is what they would define as affordable.

  • 70% of working Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

  • 40% indicate that they have enough savings to cover a $400 emergency.

  • 89% of uninsured Americans are actively employed.

An affordability and high-deductible crisis exists in the health insurance marketplace today. Fundamental Care was designed as an alternative solution.


Employees working for 30MM SMALL BUSINESSES


Part-time workers in the new GIG ECONOMY


Non-eldery adult WORKING UNINSURED


Fundamental Care offers two Affordability-Based Medical insurance options:

1) an employer-sponsored, level-funded, Limited-Day Health Plan for small employers and carve-out classes of large employers, and


2) a Limited-Benefit Indemnity Plan for large employers with part-time, hourly, and seasonal employees.


Both can be customized and structured with affordable premiums and no deductibles.


The plans are high in potential coverage, guaranteed issue, and include upfront, day-one benefits -- healthcare you can actually use.

For employers who are in the staffing industry, visit:

Fundamental Care Plan Information

Fundamental Care Limited Day Health Plan Logo
  • Level-funded

  • Employer-sponsored

  • Copay plan with 100% coverage

  • NO Deductible

  • Guaranteed issue

  • Benefits are limited by days – no dollar amount limits

  • High in potential coverage (not fixed-indemnity)

  • Preventative, outpatient, and inpatient benefits

  • ACA qualified MEC & MVP plans

  • Core plan for small employers and carve-out plan for large employers

A near-comprehensive plan that both employers and employees can afford, with NO-Deductible.

Fundamental Care Group Limited Indemnity Logo
  • Fully-Insured

  • Voluntary for employers or associations

  • Fixed-Indemnity benefit

  • First-dollar Coverage

  • Customizable Plan Designs and Price Points

  • ACA qualified MEC Plans available

  • Guarantee Issued

  • No Medical Underwriting

  • No Deductible or Co-insurance

  • $10 Office Visit Prepay for Doctor Visits

An affordable option for the uninsured that provides coverage for basic medical expenses.

Fundamental Care Client 1

A Small Employer

When I asked my broker for an affordable group health plan, he showed me high deductible plans. I can’t afford the employer contribution requirements.  And my employees would have to pay thousands out of pocket before they were reimbursed for anything other than a few office visits. We need an affordable plan that helps cover expenses on day one!

Fundamental Care Clie3t 1

An Affinity Group

Our gig-economy workers who don’t have access to employer-sponsored plans are looking for affordable alternatives to Obamacare. Those that can afford it will go to the ACA marketplace.  Others are looking for help with basic medical expenses.

Fundamental Care Client 2

A Large Employer

We offer and pay for a portion of health insurance for our full-time employees.  But my hourly employees don’t enroll because they can’t afford their share of premiums and don’t think they will ever get past the high deductible to use their insurance. I need a carve-out option that is affordable with no deductibles.

Fundamental Care Partners

Coterie Advisory Group, Inc. Logo

Fundamental Care is managed by Coterie Advisory Group, Inc. Coterie Advisors is an Arizona-based, insurance program manager and national marketing agency. The founders of Coterie are comprised of a team of insurance and benefits professionals who have dedicated their careers to the benefits marketplace. They have held various Leadership and Executive roles at multiple insurance carriers, agencies, and platform administrators. Their drive has helped thousands of service-industry employers and millions of individuals obtain quality, affordable care. Coterie focuses on Affordability-Based Medical Plans and has life and health insurance licenses in all 50 states.

Contact Us

If you would you like to learn more about Fundamental Care or to request a proposal, please fill out the contact form and Coterie Advisory Group will get in touch with you soon!


Call Coterie Advisory Group at: 602-884-8096

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