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Understanding the Financial Implications of Being Uninsured and How Fundamental Care® Helps

Financial Implications of Being Uninsured

The financial burdens of being uninsured are more than just statistics; they represent real struggles faced by millions. The recent report by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) vividly illustrates these challenges. At Fundamental Care®, we understand the importance of affordable healthcare and have designed our Level Funded Health Plan Options to mitigate these financial implications for both employers and employees.

The Financial Implications of Being Uninsured

KFF's findings are stark: uninsured individuals often face unaffordable medical bills, leading to debt and financial instability. In 2022, uninsured nonelderly adults were nearly twice as likely as those with insurance to report difficulties in affording healthcare costs. This challenge is compounded for those in low-income brackets, where even a single medical emergency can lead to a financial crisis.

How High Costs Deter Insurance Coverage

The report indicates that the high cost of insurance is a primary reason many remain uninsured. Fundamental Care® addresses this barrier head-on. Our plans are designed with affordability in mind, ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible to a broader segment of the population.

Features of Fundamental Care® Plans

  • No Deductibles: One of the significant financial hurdles in healthcare is the deductible. Our plans eliminate this barrier, making healthcare immediately accessible without upfront costs.

  • Low Copays: We understand that even small out-of-pocket expenses can accumulate, so we keep our copays low to lessen the financial burden on our members.

  • Preventative Services Covered 100%: Preventive care is crucial for long-term health, and by covering these services fully, we ensure that financial constraints don't prevent essential healthcare.

  • Affordable Premiums for Employers and Employees: We offer competitive pricing, making our plans a feasible option for both small and large employers.

The Impact on Employee Well-being

The lack of insurance leads not just to financial strain but also to a reluctance to seek medical care, which can exacerbate health issues. By providing affordable health insurance, Fundamental Care® enables employees to seek timely medical attention, leading to better overall health outcomes and, consequently, a more productive workforce.

Case Studies: Transforming Lives Through Affordable Coverage

Consider the case of a small business where employees previously couldn't afford health insurance. By switching to Fundamental Care®, the employees now enjoy comprehensive health coverage, resulting in fewer sick days and improved morale. Another example is of a medium-sized company where the introduction of our health plans led to a noticeable decrease in employees' stress levels related to healthcare costs.

The Role of Employers

Employers have a unique opportunity to positively impact their employees' lives by offering affordable healthcare. Fundamental Care® partners with employers to provide plans that fit their budget and meet their employees' needs, ultimately contributing to a healthier, more productive workforce.


Navigating the financial implications of being uninsured is a significant challenge, but it's not insurmountable. With Fundamental Care®'s Level Funded Health Plan Options, employers can offer their employees a lifeline, ensuring that financial barriers do not impede access to necessary healthcare. As we continue to work alongside employers and insurance brokers, our goal remains steadfast: to provide affordable, comprehensive health insurance, bringing financial and health security within reach for all.

About Fundamental Care®

Fundamental Care® offers Affordability-Based Medical Plans designed to meet the unique needs of various niche markets, including small businesses and their employees, part-time and hourly workers at enterprise-level companies, independent contractors, gig-economy workers, and association members. Our mission is to provide access to unique and affordable health insurance benefits on a guaranteed issue basis. Learn more about Fundamental Care® and how we can help your clients navigate the challenging healthcare landscape.

About Coterie Advisory Group, Inc.

Fundamental Care® is managed by Coterie Advisory Group, Inc., an insurance program manager and national marketing agency. Our founders are a team of insurance and benefits professionals with extensive experience in the benefits marketplace. They have held leadership and executive roles at multiple insurance carriers, agencies, and platform administrators. Our drive has helped thousands of service-industry employers and millions of individuals obtain quality, affordable care. Coterie focuses on Affordability-Based Medical Plans and holds life and health insurance licenses in all 50 states.


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