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The Role of Insurance Brokers in Bridging the Coverage Gap

The Role of

In the ever-evolving landscape of health insurance, the role of insurance brokers and general agents becomes increasingly vital. As Fundamental Care® aligns its Level Funded Health Plan Options with the needs of today's employers and employees, it’s crucial to recognize how brokers bridge the gap between complex insurance policies and those who need them most. This becomes even more pertinent in light of the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) findings on the current state of health insurance coverage.

Understanding the Coverage Gap - The "Affordability Void")

According to KFF, despite the overall decrease in uninsured rates, significant gaps remain, particularly among low-income families and racial and ethnic minorities. The complexity of health insurance options, coupled with the high cost of coverage, often leaves these groups without adequate protection. This gap not only poses a risk to their health but also contributes to broader societal inequities.

The Role of Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers and general agents play a crucial role in narrowing this gap. They act as the intermediaries between insurance providers like Fundamental Care® and the businesses and individuals seeking insurance. Their expertise and understanding of the nuances in health plans enable them to advise clients on the most suitable options, taking into account their specific needs and circumstances.

Fundamental Care® and Broker Collaboration

Fundamental Care® deeply values its collaboration with brokers. Our Level Funded Health Plan Options are designed with flexibility to cater to a diverse range of employer and employee needs, and brokers are instrumental in customizing these plans. They help in:

  • Educating Clients: Brokers demystify the complexities of health insurance, explaining terms and benefits in understandable language.

  • Tailored Solutions: They assess the unique needs of each employer or employee, recommending plans that provide the best coverage at the most affordable rates.

  • Ongoing Support: Brokers offer continual support, helping clients navigate changes in their business or personal circumstances that might affect their insurance needs.

Real-Life Impact

To illustrate the impact of this collaboration, consider the case of a small business owner who, through a broker, discovered Fundamental Care®'s health plans. Previously, the high cost of insurance had been a barrier, but with our affordable core plan options and no deductible feature, the owner was able to provide near comprehensive health coverage to their employees for the first time.

In another instance, a broker helped a diverse workforce, consisting largely of low-income and minority employees, to access Fundamental Care®'s plans that offer 100% coverage for preventative services and low copays. This intervention significantly improved the employees' access to healthcare and reduced their financial burden.


The partnership between Fundamental Care®, insurance brokers, and general agents is more than a business collaboration; it's a shared commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of communities. As we continue to navigate the challenges and changes in the health insurance landscape, this partnership stands as a beacon of hope, bridging the coverage gap and ensuring that quality healthcare remains accessible to all. Through informed guidance and tailored solutions, brokers are not just facilitating insurance coverage but are actively participating in the creation of a healthier, more equitable society.

About Fundamental Care®

Fundamental Care® offers Affordability-Based Medical Plans designed to meet the unique needs of various niche markets, including small businesses and their employees, part-time and hourly workers at enterprise-level companies, independent contractors, gig-economy workers, and association members. Our mission is to provide access to unique and affordable health insurance benefits on a guaranteed issue basis. Learn more about Fundamental Care® and how we can help your clients navigate the challenging healthcare landscape.

About Coterie Advisory Group, Inc.

Fundamental Care® is managed by Coterie Advisory Group, Inc., an insurance program manager and national marketing agency. Our founders are a team of insurance and benefits professionals with extensive experience in the benefits marketplace. They have held leadership and executive roles at multiple insurance carriers, agencies, and platform administrators. Our drive has helped thousands of service-industry employers and millions of individuals obtain quality, affordable care. Coterie focuses on Affordability-Based Medical Plans and holds life and health insurance licenses in all 50 states.


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